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What is Coworking Space?

Coworking is defined as the use of an office or other working environments by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, to share equipment, ideas and knowledge.

Advantages of Coworking –

1. Separating Work from Home:

If you work from home, there’s no real accountability. It’s too easy to get distracted by your bed, your TV, and fridge and lose valuable time. In addition to that, family related chores will always present themselves since if you are at home, you must be available. The separation of work from home is important for many of us and also allows you to breathe some fresh air and feel alive instead of spending most of your day at home.

2. Enhancing your Effectiveness:

Research shows that people who use coworking spaces are more effective due to the energy and mindset adjustment that is generated by the interaction and accountability a coworking environment creates. That means that the financial costs of using a coworking space are much lower than the financial benefits it creates.

3. Avoid loneliness and get Inspired by Like-Minded People:

Working alone is isolating and can affect your mood. Having coworkers and interaction is covering a social need. The idea of a coworking space is that although you are working by yourself, you are surrounded by awesome people. The members of the coworking space have picked a unique and independent lifestyle just like you, and those are exactly the kind of people you want to be surrounded by. Coworking simply makes your day more energizing, fun and happy.

4. Create an amazing network:

Coworking spaces will boost your network and in turn connect you with the most relevant people for your business, from potential clients, suppliers or even business partners. In coworking spaces, you are guaranteed to meet high quality, talented, and like-minded people to add to your network that might become critical for your business.

5. Making you Take Yourself (and your Business) Seriously:

This one is a little deep, so let’s start with an example: It is a common recommendation to work at home with clothes you would wear at the office. Working with flip-flops in your pyjamas usually decreases your productivity as you are signalling to yourself that you are not in work mode. Using a coworking space will make you aware of your appearance and clothing, and taking the time to walk/drive to your place in addition to the money you spend on it will remind you that your work is important enough to take it seriously and value your time and skills.

Disadvantages of Coworking –

  • Working in an office space can be exhausting, particularly when noise and activity from other tenants become too disturbing.
  • There is a possible threat of theft because of the shared space, so it’s important to secure your files and data and other belongings.
  • You’re serious about your business and real things need to get done, but other entrepreneurs and freelancers who work in the shared office space may be happy-go-lucky and they are there just for fun.
  • Tenants are come and go—there’s always a new class of startups and freelancers moving in.
  • Negative ambience (which is upsetting) spread throughout the common areas like the kitchen, as well as the open office space.
  • Slow internet connection or internet outage is a common problem for members of a coworking community.



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